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Khin Htet Thar

data 16-02-2018

da Varese - Centro No+vello Varese

Great service and staff! The results are noticeable even after a few treatments. I am going to be doing my 4th time and I have to say that I was pretty shock when I witnessed how the difference is even after the 1st treatment. It is good to keep in mind for those who are a little bit sensitive for a discomfort, but it is nothing unbearable. With time, I just get used to it. I am currently doing my bikini area and also going to be starting with the underarm treatment before the summer comes by. There are a few things to keep in mind on the day of the treatment. With the language barrier, I do not feel uncomfortable at all with the staff as well. They are the kindest and always ready for any questions I have. The great thing about them is that even if I cannot make it to the appointment in any case, they are quite flexible and immediately available for the next appointment so that I do not break my timing/cycle. I just love it! Definitely going to continue for the great price and result!

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